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Simplify The COVID-19 Compliance Process

It is a challenge to manage a returning workforce, comply with social distancing, identify individuals with symptoms, and sustain new sanitization standards. How are you tracking and training employees to ensure a minimal impact on your business?

Ving, safety training and technology platform will automate the delivery, tracking, reminding, notifying, and reporting for up to the minute insights into employee compliance with COVID-19 preventive measures.


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The Ving Employee Engagement And Training Platform
Can Assist During All Pandemic Phases

The top three points of consideration every company should be taking action on now:


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1. On-going employee reminders/consistent communications on COVID-19 prevention. How are you keeping prevention top of mind all the time? 

2.  A proactive plan that keeps you connected to your workforce, whether in the building or working from home. How are you ensuring your guidance and leadership messages relating to the state of the business, expected productivity, and job-related instruction are both received and understood? 

3. Pandemic documents and reports. Are your employee interactions well documented, and do you have the ability to confirm the message was received and understood by each of your employees. Industry advisers are saying, it's almost a guarantee that the "legal ambulance chasers" will be tracking down every employee that worked through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here Is How Ving Can Help


Ving is all about finding the right time and the right place to deliver on the job information. Use Ving to share microbursts of pandemic related training, consistent company-specific updates, and timely messages that keep you connected with employees. The Ving platform has real-time dashboards that will deliver insights to you on how engaged your employees are with the content you share (video, audio, images, documents, surveys, etc.). Be in the know as to who got, read, watched, listened, and completed your corporate communication.

  • Training And Automated Checklists: In addition to our robust library of OSHA required training courses, Ving has also launched a series of infectious disease training courses specific to the COVID-19 pandemic and our changing work environment. As well, we have checklists that keep new standard operating procedures for social distancing and disinfecting top of mind all the time.

  • Create Company Specific Microburst Messages: Use video, audio, documents, surveys, assessments, and more to create company messages that can be delivered all at once or in microburst sessions. With Ving technology, you can deliver via text, email, QR code, and or your company portal. 

  • Dashboards And Reporting: Monitor and confirm employee progress and completion/understanding of your critical company communications and training. Mitigate risk and take proactive actions when you see information is falling through the cracks.  

The goal is to have safety and company operating procedures top of mind all the time across your entire workforce. 

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Engaging, simple, short, timely information viewed in the field or in the office.

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This is Your Dashboard

Employee engagement dashboards are updated in real time to keep you in the know. 

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Pandemic Microburst Training Available Now



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Other Pandemic Related Courses Included 

(New topics and uses cases  updated monthly)

  • Protecting Yourself Against COVID-19 and Other Contagious Illnesses

  • Come Back to Work Safely: for Manufacturing,  Construction,  Transportation and Delivery,  Retail and Customer Service, Offices

  • Hand washing

  • Social Distancing

  • Disinfecting

  • Checklists

  • Tackle Time Management Troubles,  Strike a Balance

  • Manage Workplace Stress

  • Form Your Virtual Team

  • Lead Your Virtual Team

  • Legal E-Mail And Text Messaging At Work

  • Cyber Security For Employees

  • Or use the Ving Microburst Creator to quickly build your own custom training and checklists.