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Technology that builds a safety culture across your workforce.
Content organized into modern day microbursts of information.
The ability to add your leadership messages to reinforce the content.

Vings Safety Training
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Post into any field service/work order, email system or access through employee portal.



Takes 5 minutes or less per lesson. Vibrant videos, audio, images, and easy to respond to assessments.



At a glance, you'll know who got it, read it, watched it, completed it. 100% automated.



One thousand courses to choose from or you can create custom company Vings for your library.

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Engaging, simple, short, timely information viewed in the field or in the office.

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As information is viewed your dashboard is updated in real time keeping you in the know with automated record keeping.

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We Have Safety Training That Covers These Top Citations and Injuries

Top Citations

  1. Bloodborne pathogen
  2. Exposure control plan
  3. Hand washing
  4. Poor housekeeping
  5. PPE
  6. BBP training records and sharps injury logs
  7. Written hazard communication program
  8. Material safety data sheets
  9. Proper labeling of chemicals

Top Injuries

  1. Overexertion
  2. Slips, trips, and falls
  3. Contact with objects
  4. Violence
  5. Exposure to substances
  6. Others