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Ving targets profit killers. Our customers use Ving to manage risk ranging from a job-related injury, rework, lost time, to employee turnover.
Share and track who got, read, watched, looked at, and listened to critical on the job information.



Microburst safety talks, OSHA required training, and general safety topics that keep your employees on the job and off the injury report.


Meet, exceed, and customize to your state requirements and corporate responsibility training ranging from sexual harassment prevention to diversity and ethics.


From new hires to skilled workers, ensure the quality of work with custom courses ranging from machine-specific instructions to expectations of finished work.


Automated reminders keep employees on track with training. Color-coded easy-to-read powerful reports keep you up to date on employee compliance.

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Top Trending Topics

Pandemic Planning

Solutions that are actionable, timely, and relevant are needed to adapt to the new normal.

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Harassment Prevention

Whether you are in leadership or not it's your responsibility to recognize and defuse harassment.


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Top 5 Use Cases For Ving

With just a few adjustments you can gain the big impacts Ving has to offer. 

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Be Ready For CEO Updates, OSHA Inspections, And Employee Reviews

Automated alerts and notifications keep you and your team in the know and enable you to take proactive actions to reduce loss. Dashboards, filters, and reports have you ready for CEO updates, OSHA visits, and employee performance reviews.

Track progress and completion per person or per topic. We do the work for you, whether your next OSHA visit is planned or a surprise. A couple clicks of the mouse and you're ready.



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Stop Pulling People Off The Job And Repeating Training

Ving is built to minimize the amount of time you pull people off the job for training while still enabling you to deliver meaningful, consistent messages across your entire organization. Our technology leverages modern learning methods based on short bursts of information. Ving microbursts typically consist of a video, key points, and a short assessment. At 3 to 5 minutes a session, they are a perfect fit for the average learners' attention span. 

With our engagement maximizer, Ving is programed to find your employees (by way of text, email, QRcode, company portal and more) at the time of day they are most likely ready to engage with training.



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Keep Employees Safe And Fine Tune Professional Skills

We've got you covered with our award-winning library of more than 1,000 topics across a variety of industries. Topics are for both employees in the field and the office. Here's something unique, our content can be personalized to be company-specific. Yep, you can add videos, images, documents, and more — ensuring your employees can relate to your training. 

Schedule your one-on-one now with one of our topic experts today. They will discuss what topics would be best for your company and allow you to preview content as well.

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Spend Less Time Tracking Employee Training And Progress

Are you tired of having to send reminders, track down employees, and sift through emails, paper forms, and reports to figure out who completed their training? It's time to make the switch to Ving. Let Ving's automated employee progress monitoring do the work for you. Ving is always keeping track of who read, watched, listened, and completed their training. As well, we send auto-reminders to employees to complete training at the time that is best for them. This gives you more time to quickly identify both engaged and non-compliant workers so you can take proactive action to divert lost time on the job.



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Reduce Rework And Increase Quality While Leveraging Your Most Experienced Employees

It takes a long time to find great workers! With Ving, you can quickly capture subject matter expertise and create your own company and job-specific microbursts, store them in your library, and use them over and over to onboard new employees or deliver refreshers to existing employees. Sharing insights and how to's, specific to your business, will engage your employees and reduce rework all at the same time.  



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Flexible Multichannel Delivery Methods

Ving's right time, right place delivery methods ensure your training and company communications align with the situation at hand. These ways include email, text messages, QR codes, links, etc.

Pick your method of delivery:

  • Use QR code stickers for easy to scan and view checklists, SDS, and/or training before work begins.

  • Issue a message from the office via text to get their attention now.

  • Assign ongoing training via email.

Each method of delivery will provide you with detailed progress, completion, and reporting analytics.

Industry Thought Leaders


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We pride ourselves in providing you an experience that saves you time. Simply schedule a call with our topics expert and we will send you a library of topics that we think will take your safety training to the next level. 


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