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Custom Course Creator Services

Your people, process, images, videos, assessments, and more.

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Save Your Time. Let Us Do The Work.

You know you need a custom course but have a million other things to do. Our proven process relieves you of the burden and gets the job done.  




Save Your Budget. We've Done This Before.

Our team has the experience - creating courses for safety, quality, operations, business process, company software applications, and more. The result is a highly effective, efficient process that gets the job done in a budget-friendly manner. Give us a call. You'll be pleasantly surprised at what you get for your budget dollars.  



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Custom Course Examples Created By Ving!

How To Back Up And Park An Ambulance

How To Winterize The Spartan Jet Trailer

Sexual Assault and Response DoD

How It Works

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Step 1: Discuss Your Topics 

In this short meeting, we interview you and your topic-related company expert(s).  As well as identify the video and still image needs. 



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Step 2: Record Video, Take Pictures

We use remote recording technology. A predefined shot list keeps the process moving and efficient. We guide your resource through every step capturing video, and images that will be in your course.



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Step 3: Course Creation and Previewing

Our team creates the course, complete with video, images, tip sheets, and assessments. Once finished, we load it into your library for your review and feedback. Typically, a few minor changes are needed here and there, and your course is ready to use.



Create Your Custom Training

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