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Empower Your Team to Achieve Manufacturing Safety and Compliance with Ving.

Empower your manufacturing business with a solution that ensures compliance and safety through tailored training and precise inspection tracking. Transforms your manufacturing floor into a safer, more efficient space where innovation and support drive productivity.

Elevate Your Training with Ving's Cutting-Edge Tech and Captivating Manufacturing Safety Topics

Safety/OSHA Compliance

Empower your team with comprehensive safety training, covering essential to highly recommended topics. Explore our extensive library of manufacturing safety topics and engaging Toolbox talks, each designed to enhance your team's safety knowledge and practices.

Standard Operating Procedures

Boost your team's expertise with essential compliance knowledge, covering OSHA, DOT, industry standards, and our unique company guidelines. We're with you every step, enriching this learning journey to fuel our collective success.

Inspection and Issue Tracking

Safety in manufacturing requires you to keep a close eye on equipment inspections, facilities, and procedures. We empower our supervisors to take proactive steps, ensuring any concerns are addressed promptly and effectively, fostering a supportive and innovative environment for everyone involved.

did you know
Did You Know?

OSHA: The Bureau of Labor Statistics highlights a critical concern: manufacturing workers face a risk of workplace fatalities that is four times higher than that of employees across all other sectors.

With Ving, let's embark on a journey to transform your workplace into a haven of safety for your employees.

SMART Checklists: Schedule, Review, Resolve

Smart Checklists offer a seamless and supportive approach to enhancing manufacturing safety through facility and equipment inspections.

Safety Checklists

Smart checklists are here to empower you, offering a supportive hand in tracking safety inspections, reinforcing training, and managing other crucial safety-related tasks. Our innovative approach ensures that staying on top of safety protocols feels less like a chore and more like a seamless part of your day.


Inspection Checklists

Harness the power of smart checklists to effortlessly monitor the inspections of your equipment, facilities, and procedures. This innovative tool is here to support you in maintaining the highest standards, ensuring everything operates smoothly and efficiently.


Task Checklists

Smart checklists are here to empower you, streamlining the tracking of crucial tasks like production line setup, machine maintenance, and quality control checks. With innovation at our core, we're here to support your success and ensure every detail is managed with precision and care.

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Compliance Checklists

Smart checklists are your supportive partner in effortlessly tracking compliance with Standard Operating Procedures, OSHA regulations, and other industry standards, ensuring you're always up-to-date and in line with best practices.


Discover Our Dashboards: Advanced & User-Friendly Filters

Save Yourself Tons of Time

Efficiently monitor employee manufacturing safety topics, inspections, and certifications from a single platform, simplifying compliance responses to OSHA, insurers, legal teams, and customers. We aim to streamline your safety and compliance efforts, making your workplace safer, more compliant, and more efficient with minimal stress.

Color-Coded and Easy to Read

Unlock real-time insights into your safety protocols with our live analytics feature. This empowers you to make well-informed decisions, supported by the latest data, in a way that’s both understanding and forward-thinking.

Comprehensive and Informative

Unlock valuable insights by spotting trends and pinpointing areas ripe for enhancement. Confidently present your recommendations to leadership, knowing you're backed by thorough analysis and innovative thinking.

did you know
Did You Know?

According to insights from the National Safety Council, organizations that prioritize and implement robust safety programs experience a significant reduction in workplace accidents—25% lower, to be exact—compared to those with less effective safety measures. This underscores the transformative impact of putting safety first.

We'd love to connect and explore how Ving's course options can elevate your safety program. Why not schedule a call with us?

Navigate Manufacturing's Top Risks with Confidence

workplace injuries
Avoid Incidents

Begin each day, shift, or high-risk task with targeted training to empower your team, aiming to prevent injuries and create a safer workplace. We're committed to innovatively identifying and solving potential hazards, fostering a culture of safety and support together.

timely maintenance
Timely Maintenance

We're here to support you in keeping your operations running smoothly. By scheduling regular equipment inspections, you can prevent unexpected malfunctions that might lead to production delays and downtime. Our aim is to be a helpful partner in ensuring your operations are always at their best.

fatal four
Organization-Wide Coverage

Unite with every team member, from the plant floor to the office, to address workplace hazards together. Tackling challenges like overexertion and RSIs and preventing slips, trips, and falls, as well as risks of cuts, lacerations, and hazardous exposure, is our collective mission. Together, we're building a safer, supportive work environment for all.

did you know
Did You Know?

According to NIOSH, the most common hazards leading to fatalities in the manufacturing sector include being struck by objects, falls, electrocutions, and being caught in/between incidents.

Ving commits to enhancing safety in manufacturing through innovative training that not only educates but fosters a caring culture. Join us for a safer, united future in progress.

Foster a Safety-First Culture at Every Level of Your Organization.


Managers are central to your safety culture, providing vital training and leading by example in safety commitment. They play a key role in fostering a culture where safety is everyone’s responsibility and a fundamental team value.


Employees are responsible for following all safety protocols, using personal protective equipment as directed, and reporting potential hazards to their supervisor.

Site Visitors and Contractors
Site Visitors and Contractors

Safety for everyone, not just your workforce.  Ving helps you ensure the safety of site visitors and contractors, making visitor information easily accessible, tracked, and ready for reporting.

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