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Ving Safety Training for People Working in Warehouse

Do something before a near-miss turns into an actual injury. Start building your modern, sustainable safety culture today.

The Perfect Combination

Technology that builds a safety culture across your workforce.

Content with modern-day microburst settings.

The ability to add your leadership messages to reinforce your company message.

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Post into any field service/work order, email system or access through employee portal.



Takes 5 minutes or less per lesson. Vibrant videos, audio, images, and easy to respond to assessments.



At a glance, you'll know who got it, read it, watched it, completed it. 100% automated.



One thousand courses to choose from or you can create custom company Vings for your library.

This is a Ving

Engaging, simple, short, timely information viewed in the field or in the office.

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As information is viewed your dashboard is updated in real time keeping you in the know with automated record keeping.

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We Have Safety Training That Covers These Top Citations and Injuries

Top Citations

  1. Misuse Of Forklifts

  2. Noncompliance With The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard

  3. Methods Of Wiring Electrical Systems

  4. Design Of Electrical Systems

  5. Properly Guard Openings In Floors and Walls

  6. Access To/Labeling Of Exits

  7. Mechanical Power-Transmission Apparatus

  8. Respiratory Protection

  9. Lockout/Tagout Programs

  10. Fire Extinguishers

Top Injuries

  1. Forklifts Accidents

  2. Hazard Communication

  3. Electrical Wiring Methods

  4. Electrical System Design

  5. Guarding Floor, Wall Openings And Holes

  6. Exits

  7. Mechanical Power Transmission

  8. Respiratory Protection

Top Used Courses

  1. Materials Handling And Safety

  2. Back Safety And Proper Lifting

  3. Forklifts: Powered Industrial Truck Safety

  4. GHS Container Labels

  5. PPE

  6. Safe Housekeeping And Accident Prevention

  7. Slips Trips And Falls

  8. Workplace Violence


  10. Emergency Preparedness and Response

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