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QR Codes: The Secret Weapon for Increasing Employee Engagement with Safety and Compliance

QR codes are a convenient and easy way to access critical safety and standard operating procedure (SOP) information. Here are a few benefits of using QR codes for safety and compliance:

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Increased Engagement

Employees are more likely to pay attention to safety and compliance information if it's visually appealing and interactive.

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Reduced Errors

QR codes provide employees with clear and concise instructions, helping to reduce errors.

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Improved Compliance

By making safety and compliance information easily accessible, QR codes help improve compliance.

A Few Ideas for Using QR Codes for Safety and Compliance

Post QR Codes & Collect Feedback

Place QR codes in visible areas, such as near equipment, break rooms, and bulletin boards. Use them to assign training or gather feedback about safety and compliance.

Link QR Codes To Safety & Compliance Resources

Direct employees to training videos, SOPs, and safety checklists through QR codes.

Create interactive training experiences

Design a QR code scavenger hunt that requires employees to scan codes and answer safety questions.

did you know
Did You Know?

QR code scanning has nearly doubled in the past two years.  This trend is expected to continue; estimating that 99.5 million people in the US will scan a QR code in 2025.  

Experience the Benefits of QR Codes

number one

QR codes make safety and compliance information easily accessible to all employees.

number two

Employees are more engaged with visually appealing and interactive QR code resources.

number three

Using QR codes leads to a safer and more productive workplace.

Boost Employee Engagement with QR Codes

Increased Attention
Increased Attention

QR codes capture employees' attention with their interactive and visually appealing nature.


Employees can easily scan QR codes using their smartphones, a device they're already comfortable with.

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Feedback Collection

QR codes can be used to collect employee feedback on safety and compliance.

Unlock the Power of QR Codes

Versatile Tool

QR codes can be used to improve safety and compliance in any workplace environment.

Affordable Solution

Implementing QR codes for safety and compliance is cost-effective and doesn't require significant resources.

Effective Impact

QR codes have proven to be an effective way to engage employees and enhance safety.

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