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Ving Microburst Safety QR Codes


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How many of your employees are about to do an injury-prone, high-risk task? 

Fact; you can’t be everywhere, all the time training safety tips that protect your employees and your company’s bottom line profits.  Or can you? 

With Ving Right Time, Right Place Safety QR Codes - you can!  Here’s how it works. When an employee is getting ready to use a piece of machinery, open an electrical closet door or use a tool they’ve not used for weeks. They’ll spot the Ving Microburst QR Code, scan it with their phone, and immediately receive a Ving microburst safety tip specific to the task at hand.


Customize QR codes to your Company's:

- Machines, vehicles, tools, and more

- Safety Data Sheets

- Standard Procedures


Pick from our enormous library of Safety Microbursts that includes video, images, checklists, assessments and more.




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