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Save Time Selecting Your Training Courses

We Do The Work For You!

online training
Step 1: Select Course Library of Interest

Build your perfect in-person and online training course library with Ving! Check the box next to your libraries and their course categories. No more wasting time sifting through endless course listings - Ving makes it easy!

a list of training course from safety training to manager skills and sexual harassment prevention
Step 2: We will Currate Your Custom Course List

Our content experts will curate a personalized training course list based on your preferences, industry, and regulatory body compliance standards (i.e., OSHA, DOT, etc.) for your review. 

construction crew member looking at iphone
Step 3: Finalize Licensing and Assign Employee Training

Once your in-person and online training courses are set, we'll welcome you with a call to begin your adventure. A content expert will partner with you to craft a dynamic, engaging year ahead. 

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Did You Know?

The Ving Team is here to help you!  We help you overcome these hurdles with a personalized approach to your training program. Please tell us your training goals, and we'll create a high-quality library that's both relevant and engaging. Let Ving streamline your search and empower you to build a training program that prepares your team for success.

Streamline and Automate: Make Your Daily Tasks Easier and More Efficient

Optimized for any device
Training Ready for Any Device. Keep Employees On Track Through Completion.

Engaging, simple, and short training courses, provided in a timely manner, can be valuable both in the field and office. This approach ensures that individuals have access to essential knowledge and strategies to empower them on the job, wherever they are.




Dashboard and reporting
Schedule Your Training For the Year, Atomate Employee Progress and Reminders.

Your dashboard updates in real-time as information is viewed, ensuring you stay informed. This includes automated record-keeping with powerful filters and labels that will help you save time while completing program management tasks.

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