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Your window into compliance across your organization starts here! 


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Order Your Safety Talks Now

And receive a $500 credit when you upgrade to full-length OSHA-aligned training courses.

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One-Stop Source

OSHA Safety, Skills Development, State Aligned courses. 1000 courses in total. Any language full, microburst, and micro minute versions.

Select and assign courses quickly and easily.  You are busy and do not have time to search through libraries of thousands of topics. Leverage your assigned content expert whenever you have questions. Our experts' research your industry, consider your OSHA requirements, and always make sure you have the latest and greatest topics. We have over 1,000 courses in our training library, available now.

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Save Time

Effective, efficient management and sustainment for compliance tracking, reporting, and training needs.


Color-coded dashboards, filters, and reports make it easy for you to monitor compliance across your entire company, groups, and individual employees.  Whether it’s a surprise visit from OHSA, an annual employee review, or a planned leadership meeting, information is only a few clicks away.

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Reduce Risk/Save Money

Improve employee engagement with training that promotes safety, quality, and productivity.


Create an optimal balance between instructor-led and online training. Minimize the financial impact of pulling workers off the job, traveling to and from the office, or being available on multiple sites. Microbursts deliver quick training or full-length courses while utilizing our automatic reminders.  Workers can work at their own pace while still meeting all company training requirements. Whether they access it more on-demand or through a text message Ving makes sure to drive higher engagement and retention with training.

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Automated Reminders

Keep employees on track and up to date without leaving your office.


You set the time you want to be spent on training and the frequency of reminders to meet your timeline.  Whether you need to have employees complete a course now, or you want them to spend 5 minutes every 3 days until it’s finished, Vings automated process will keep employees on track through completion. You can save time by not having to chase people down and relax because you will know all your locations and shifts are covered right from your desk with Ving reports.

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Create Courses

Unlimited number of your custom courses.


A familiar face is proven to increase employee engagement. Use your powerpoints, images, documents, videos, and more to conduct new hire training or a unique company-specific job. The knowledge your veteran workers have is something you want to utilize.

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Training Assignments

Employees receive automated training notifications via text, email, portal, Location-Based, and embedding.


When you are accountable for training, you need to be sure people got it, watched it, understood it, and used it. Ving leverages the power of multi-access points and bi-lingual courses to ensure your employees can live up to your compliance expectations. Choose to assign training via text and emails or make training available at a location with QR codes or in another application with an embeddable link. Ving has you covered no matter what your process flow is.

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Pin-Point Scheduling

Create course groups, and select dates and times for automated delivery.  Set up your schedule and get on with your other tasks.


Scheduling can be great for onboarding, weekly safety talks, or monthly training. Imagine scheduling the year of safety talks and never having to think about what safety talk to send — it is that simple.