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New Safety Talks Raise The Bar

Ving redefines safety talks (toolbox talks). The result is a new way of engaging employees with safety training to improve retention, recall, and reuse critical information that can keep your team injury-free on the job.

Our certified training professionals have developed innovative safety talks and OSHA-required training courses.

The combination of Ving technology and training content will help you build a world-class, sustainable safety culture.

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What Are Safety Talks?

Our modern spin on toolbox talks uses short videos, engaging images, simple tests, and more to improve both engagement and retention.

Experts create your modern safety talks following all the best practices collected from thousands of trainees. This new and innovative way to think about safety will be refreshing for you and your employees.

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Quickly Text Video Safety Talks

Meet your employees where they are on the devices they like best.

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Tracking For Your Safety Talks

The steps are simple, and reporting is a breeze.

  1.  Select a Safety Talk from your library.

  2.  Assign it to your employees.

  3.  Choose how to deliver the training (email, text, or QR code).

  4.  Watch employee progress on your dashboards.

  5.  Generate reports as needed.

How Ving Works (for you that is!)

What Is Included


Ving Technology

  • Access to These Features (and more!):  Employee course assignments,  Automated Reminders,  Automated Notifications, Employee Progress through Completion Tracking, Dashboards, And Reporting Features
  • 24'7 Access To Our Learning Center

  • Assogmed Ving Success Manager

  • Training, Phone, Chat, Email, And Ticket Support Options

  • Best Practices And Trends 

  • Safety Training Content Expert

  • Customizable Training Packets


12 Safety Talks

  • Cold Weather Hazards

  • Heat Illness Prevention

  • Noise And Hearing Protection

  • Mindfulness At Work

  • Hazard Communication

  • Hazard VS Risk

  • Heinrich's Pyramid

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • PPE

  • Body Mechanics And Ergonomics

  • Slips, Trips, And Falls

  • Safety's Hierarchy Of Controls

Bonus Topics

  • COVID-19 OSHA Reporting And Recording — Updated Jan 2021

  • Back And Shoulder Injury Prevention

  • Working Alone

Order Your Safety Talks Now

And receive a $500 credit when you upgrade to full-length OSHA-aligned training courses.

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