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Modern Safety Talks

A Bundle Of Awesome Videos, Visuals, And Explanations with Assessments, Tracking And Reporting

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And receive a $500 credit when you upgrade to full-length OSHA-aligned training courses.

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New Safety Talks Raise The Bar

Ving redefines safety talks (toolbox talks). The result is a new way of engaging employees with safety training to improve retention, recall, and reuse critical information that can keep your team injury-free on the job.

Our certified training professionals have developed innovative safety talks and OSHA-required training courses.

The combination of Ving technology and training content will help you build a world-class, sustainable safety culture.

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What Are Safety Talks?

Our modern spin on toolbox talks uses short videos, engaging images, simple tests, and more to improve both engagement and retention.

Experts create your modern safety talks following all the best practices collected from thousands of trainees. This new and innovative way to think about safety will be refreshing for you and your employees.

Order Your Safety Talks Now

And receive a $500 credit when you upgrade to full-length OSHA-aligned training courses.

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Tracking For Your Safety Talks

The steps are simple, and reporting is a breeze.

  1.  Select a Safety Talk from your library.

  2.  Assign it to your employees.

  3.  Choose how to deliver the training (email, text, or QR code).

  4.  Watch employee progress on your dashboards.

  5.  Generate reports as needed.

How Ving Works (for you that is!)

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Select a Safety Talk from your library. Pick an employee(s) or group you want to share it with, and then get back to work on the million other things you have to do today. Let Ving Technology do the work for you.

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Can't be on-site or gathered around for safety Talks? No worries, share the modern safety talks via text, email, QR code, or link: any device, any screen size, any location, any time of day. Safety Talks are in the right place at the right time.
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When an employee needs a quick refresher, whether the safety training was today, or last month, no problem; Safety Talks are readily available in their employee in-Box. Safety tips when they need them.

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Over time each employee will be awarded a color (green, yellow, or red) to tell you just how engaged and complaint they are with Safety Talks you share with them. Ving sends out automated reminders that keep employees on track through completion, so you don't have to. Let Ving do the work for you.

Machine Guarding (3)
  • The Top 3 Machine Hazards

  • Types of Machine Guards

  • Working Safely Around Machines

Struck By Hazards (3)
  • Introduction to Struck-By Hazards

  • Types of Struck-By Hazards

  • How to Protect Yourself from Struck-By Hazards

Emergency Preparedness (4)
  • Emergency Action Plans

  • Emergency Roles And Responsibilities

  • Emergency Exit Routes

  • How To Evacuate 

Hazard vs. Risk (5)
  • What is a Hazard Assessment?

  • Types of Hazards

  • How To Assess Risk?

  • How To Do A Hazard Assessment

  • Hazard VS Risk

Bloodborne Pathogens (5)
  • What Are Bloodborne Pathogens?

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan

  • Universal Precautions

  • What Are Caught-In Hazards?

  • How To Protect Yourself From Caught-In And Between Hazards

Scaffold Safety (5)
  • Introduction to Scaffold Safety

  • Scaffold Competent and Qualified Roles

  • Scaffold Work Roles and Responsibilities

  • Common Scaffold Hazards

  • Identifying Scaffold Hazards

Ergonomics (6)
  • Recognize and Reduce Ergonomic Risks

  • Controlling Ergonomic Hazards Using the Hierarchy of Controls

  • What Can Athletes Teach Us About Preventing Injuries?

  • Back Injury Prevention

  • Shoulder Injury Prevention

  • Body Mechanics And Ergonomics

Driving Safety (6)
  • Distracted Driving

  • Mental and Emotional Distracted Driving

  • What You Need To Know About Speeding

  • Impaired Driving

  • Driving For The Weather Conditions

  • Oh What A Difference A Seatbelt Makes

Portable Ladders (6)
  • 5 Ladder Injury Facts You Need to Know

  • How To Choose The Right Ladder For The Job

  • Portable Ladder Inspections

  • Portable Ladder Set Up

  • Ladder Do's And Don'ts

  • Portable Ladder Storage And Maintenance

Respiratory Hazards (6)
  • Respiratory Hazards

  • Respirator Types

  • Respirator Cartridges and Filters

  • Respirator Exams and Fit Testing

  • Respirator Don, Doff, Seal Check, and Adjust

  • Respirator Cleaning and Storing

Confined Space (7)
  • What Is A Confined Space?

  • Defining Confined Spaces

  • What Is A Permit-Required Confined Space?

  • Confined Space Hazards

  • How To Reduce The Risk Of Confined Space Work

  • Roles And Responsibilities

  • Confined Space Permits

Fire Safety (7)
  • The Fire Triangle

  • 10 Ways To Prevent Fires

  • Flammable and Combustible Gases

  • Recognizing Fire Hazards

  • Fire Fighting Equipment And Extinguisher Types

  • How To Use And Inspect Fire Extinguishers

  • How To Respond To A Fire

Lockout Tagout (7)
  • What You Need To Know About Lockout Tagout Procedures

  • The 3 Lockout Tagout Roles And Responsibilities

  • Identifying Hazardous Energy Sources

  • A Simple Demonstration Of Lockout, Tagout, And Test Start

  • What You Need To Know About Locks And Tags

  • Intro To Group Lockout

  • Emergency Lock Removal

Electrical Safety (8)
  • Electrical Safety Awareness - Major Causes Of Injuries And Fatalities

  • The Basics Of Electricity

  • How Electrical Shock Occurs

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter's

  • Simple Lockout Tagout Demonstration

  • Arc Flash Hazards For Non-Electrical Workers

  • Basic Electrical Safety Tips

  • How To Respond To A Shock Incident

Fall Protection (8)
  • Fall Protection Saves Lives

  • 3 Things To Think About When Working At Heights

  • Identifying Fall Hazards And Reducing Risk

  • Fall Protection - Competent VS Qualified

  • Fall Arrest VS Fall Restraint

  • The ABCD's Of Fall Protection

  • Fall Protection Pre-Use Inspection And Donning

  • Caring For Your Fall Protection Equipment

Walking and Working Surfaces (8)
  • Walking - Working Surfaces: Floors

  • Walking - Working Surfaces: Floor and Wall Openings

  • Walking - Working Surfaces: Stairs

  • Walking - Working Surfaces: Ladders

  • Falling Object Protection

  • Walking - Working Surfaces: Dockboards

  • Walking - Working Surfaces: Scaffolding

  • Slips, Trips and Falls

Forklift Safety (8)
  • Forklift Safety Statistics

  • Forklift Hazards

  • Forklift Types

  • The Forklift Stability Pyramid

  • Forklift Key-Off Inspections

  • Forklift Key-On Inspections

  • Forklift Safe Operation Basics

  • Forklift Pedestrian Safety

Hazard Communication (9)
  • Hazard Communication in the Workplace

  • Routes of Hazardous Substance Exposure

  • The Hazard Communication Standard

  • GHS Pictograms Explained

  • Hazardous Substance Labels

  • Hazardous Substance Secondary Labels

  • Safety Data Sheets

  • 3 Steps to Protect Yourself from Hazardous Substances

  • Example of Spill Response Using SDS

PPE (9)
  • PPE - Your Last Line of Defense

  • Match The PPE To The Hazards

  • PPE - Safety Toe Shoes

  • PPE - Hard Hats

  • PPE - Gloves

  • PPE - Hearing Protection

  • PPE - Safety Glasses

  • PPE - High Vis

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Silica Safety

  • Silica Made Simple For Managers

  • Silica Made Simple For Employees

Cold Weather Hazards

  • Cold Weather Hazards

Heat Illness Prevention

  • Heat Illness: Prevention

Noise and Hearing

  • Noise And Hearing Conservation


  • Mindfulness at Work

Incident Pyramid

  • The Incident Pyramid

Hierarchy of Controls

  • Hierarchy of Controls


  • Is COVID An OSHA Reportable Illness

Working Alone

  • 3 Tips to Keep You Safe When Working Alone

Order Your Safety Talks Now

And receive a $500 credit when you upgrade to full-length OSHA-aligned training courses.