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Senate Bill 553 Workplace Violence Prevention

On September 30, 2023, California Senate Bill 553 was signed into law, and California Labor Code section 6401.9 will be in effect and enforceable on July 1, 2024. Employers that fall within the scope of this law must establish, implement, and maintain an effective written Workplace Violence Prevention Plan that includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Identifying who is responsible for implementing the plan

  • Involving employees and their representatives

  • Accepting and responding to reports of workplace violence and prohibit employee retaliation

  • Communicating with employees regarding workplace violence matters

  • Responding to actual and potential emergencies

  • Developing and providing effective training

  • Identifying, evaluating, and correcting workplace violence hazards

  • Performing post-incident response and investigations

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Explore Some Of The Benefits Of Workplace Violence Prevention Courses Online

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Enhanced Workplace Safety and Security

Our workplace violence prevention training program is designed to empower you with the understanding and abilities needed to identify early warning signs, calmly defuse tense situations, and act decisively during emergencies. By fostering these skills, we're not just enhancing safety; we're building a more secure, supportive workplace where everyone can thrive, free from the worry of incidents and injuries.

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Improved Employee Well-Being

A thriving workplace prioritizes employee well-being and safety through targeted violence training and a culture of care, respect, and understanding. This approach not only boosts job satisfaction and productivity by enhancing physical and emotional security but also promotes a positive, innovative environment. Our commitment to a human-centric organization and the belief that safety training is an investment in our future underline our efforts.

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Legal Compliance and Risk Mitigation

By implementing workplace violence training, organizations can demonstrate compliance with legal requirements and industry standards related to workplace safety. Training helps mitigate violence in the workplace and the risk of costly lawsuits, fines, and reputational damage associated with workplace violence incidents.

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Did You Know?

With workplace violence on the rise, impacting nearly 2 million American workers annually, the need for comprehensive safety solutions has never been more pressing.

As a leader in safety training innovation, Ving provides advanced, empathetic training solutions that enhance team protection and foster a nurturing, positive workplace.

Ving Workplace Violence Online Training

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This Is A Ving

Engaging, simple, and short workplace violence training courses, provided in a timely manner, can be valuable both in the field and in the office. This approach ensures that individuals have access to essential knowledge and strategies to support well-being wherever they are.

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This Is Your Dashboard

Your dashboard updates in real-time as information is viewed, ensuring you stay informed. This includes automated record-keeping and comprehensive workplace violence courses designed to cater to your needs.

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